The CITYGURU INVESTOR Blog is an unexpected FIND for any investor who is conducting his/her Due Diligence on CityGuru, Inc. and founder, Drew Morrison in anticipation of investing in the venture.

The real significance is that The CITYGURU INVESTOR was created by Investors–for Investors and Shareholders. The Blog already sports several posts that attributed to, or written by individual CityGuru, Inc. Investors who are quite open and forthright in sharing insights and information that would otherwise be off-limits to the new, prospective investor.

Topics for posts are not edited or censored although we attempt to verify all information presented in each post is accurate, complete and current–and has a source other than from the author. While this often creates discomfort among our own ranks and controversy among outsiders looking in–it meets the intent and mission of this website which is protect and inform both Current and New, Prospective CityGuru, Inc investors.

We already have a line-up of great article ideas, and attempt to publish one every week.  But, check back to this post frequently as we are adding more article ideas to the future posts listed below.  We welcome GUEST BLOGGERS and particularly welcome differing points of view which only moves us all closer to the Truth in all matters.  We also welcome your COMMENTS to individual posts.  Many of the comments we have received to date are, at times rather “stinging”, but it is our policy not to edit or censor anyone’s opinion offered in the form of a comment.

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The coming attractions are:


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  • Team CityGuru–How Involved Where They?  Investigations are focused upon the founder of CityGuru, but Drew Morrison may not have acted alone.  During 2011-2013, Morrison surrounded himself with a team of  very capable people who very likely compensated for his own ineptitude.  These were the years of Drew Morrison’s most successful fund-raising from small investors.  Who was behind this fund-raising?  How was Drew Morrison “advised”?  This post examines who these Team members were and leave you to decide for yourself.
  • “Translating Drew Morrison’s Double-Speak.” –In his interview with KOMO 4 News, Drew Morrison breaks his silence after the demise of CityGuru, Inc., only to leave both interviewer and audience confused over what he was really saying.  In this post, politicial media analyst, Roche DeLarkey attempts to “translate” what Drew said during the interview and what he really meant.
  • Drew Morrison Missing in Action?in his last texted words following a disturbing news television story Drew Morrison stated: “I’m not running” but he has yet to state where he is hiding–and why.  Draw your own conclusions with this post.
  • Drew Morrison’s Most Embarrassing Moment:  Release of the CityGuru Annual Report–If he isn’t embarrassed–he should be.  If you’re an investor/shareholder and you’re not angry–you should be.  The 2015 CityGuru Annual Report reveals there may have been something else going on with investor funds in the past five years than just mere incompetence of our business leadership!
  • “Are CityGuru Stocks really Phantom Stocks?”   If you have been led to believe that you own shares of stock in CityGuru, Inc, On The Go Technologies, LLC, or Path Investments Group, LLC you SHOULD read this post now for it contains newer information following the ADVISORY ALERT sent to CityGuru Shareholders recently.   Your title to shares could be in jeopardy. 
  • CityGuru Going Down In A Tar Pit  While one could easily point to any one of our earlier posts as the first signal for the “beginning of the end” for Drew Morrison and CityGuru, this post certainly stands out as the first to reveal that something was very seriously wrong in the affairs of Drew Morrison/CityGuru, Inc…marked as the first before Drew Morrison went underground soon afterwards.      
  • Drew Morrison’s “Disgruntled Investor”  As bank documents began to reveal some rather dubious questions about how investors funds were spent, Founder Drew Morrison told us that the incredible news was the mere work of a single “Disgruntled Investors”.  And we believed him.  But this single individual has opened up not one, but several cans of worms that Drew Morrison and his CityGuru Team can’t close.  Who is this person that would spend such an enormous amount of time, expense and effort to contribute a wealth of due diligence that we now have?  Was she merely a “disgruntled investor” as Drew Morrison discounted her to be?  You will want to know the inside story of the making of a “Disgruntled Investor”!
  • “Drew Morrison-CityGuru VS. Your Bank”using a side-by-side comparison chart, you will see how your money stacks up should you decide to place it in one or the other.
  • “CityGuru’s First-Ever Annual Report to Shareholders and Investors”  –This special feature is perhaps one of the year’s MOST IMPORTANT features for the hard numbers and realities of our Drew Morrison-CityGuru Investment are finally placed under the Microscope.  Culminating five years of due diligence research from various fellow investors/shareholders into a single report now offers you the basis of all other articles appearing in this blog.  If you don’t read any other posts here, please do yourself the favor of reading this one!
  • “Drew Morrison’s Rap Sheet”  Public Records and in depth background checks can reveal a story that is almost unbelievable.   In this post the Public Record speaks for itself revealing how Founder Drew Morrison has left a legacy stretching over  a decade of deceit and misrepresentation.   What is more amazing is that it took this long for this dirty trail to show up in anyone’s due diligence!
  • “What Are Your CityGuru Shares REALLY Worth?” — You have surely heard it: the speculation of what a share of CityGuru, Inc. is worth–and certainly what it will be worth in the future.  But, this is only speculation and when the speculations are measured against the realities of what adds value and appreciation to company stock….well, this is a MUST read for anyone who owns Drew Morrison-CityGuru, Stock!
  • “ADVISORY ALERT for ALL CITYGURU SHAREHOLDERS” –Are you really a “shareholder”; owner of CityGuru stock–or a “Creditor” of the founder, Drew Morrison?  Where’s your proof and documentation?   A MUST read for any Investor who has deposited funds with the founder.
  • Drew Morrison In The News”  –Experienced and Prudent Investors fully understand the concept that we don’t invest in Products or Services–we invest in the People who manage them!  It is only prudent to include in your Due Diligence a background check and history of those who manage the Product or Services you are investing.  The best leads for drilling deeper into one’s background is often obtained from the News they create.   This post is an excellent summary of Founder Drew Morrison’s own news creations.
  • Finding The Exit Out of A Burning  House” —Two of the most important factors an Investor should research in his/her Due Diligence are:  RISKS of making the investment….and where, when and how will you EXIT the investment?  If you’re stuck in any investment without a means of getting out with your funds, then it can seem as being caught in a burning house with no exit.  This is a MUST read before any investor commits his/her funds.
  • “ACCOUNTING?  What’s The Big Deal?” –It is difficult to anyone or any company attempting to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars with an accounting or bookkeeping system–yet many companies, including our own CityGuru, Inc.–are stumbling through daily business transactions without one.  The consequences can be harsh for an Investor.  Here is why and here is what you should negotiate with CityGuru before funding the investment.
  • “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Your CityGuru Investment”Using the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, you will get a snapshot of CityGuru, Inc. standing as a company.  Extremely useful for the Prospective Investor contemplating investing funds into Drew Morrison-CityGuru, Inc. 
  • “Shades of Gray–The Space between Unethical Behavior and Illegal Behavior” –From record-keeping to Appropriation of Investor Funds, there is a gray area between a company/individual being unethical and being downright criminal.  Know the difference: it helps to avoid costly mistakes at best and to avoid even costlier legal battles at worst.
  • “Follow The Money” –What happens to your money once you have wired it to founder Drew Morrison?  Simply following the “Money Trail” will reveal some surprising answers to this question.
  • “Birds of a Feather Flock Together: CITYGURU Investors”—Why and how you can network with your fellow CITYGURU Investors and the power it gives you and your money.
  • “Who Are YOUR CityGuru Advisors?” —two of the most important players on an Investor’s Team are his/her Accountant and Attorney—and here’s how it benefits your CityGuru Investment.
  • “CityGuru Investors Find a Champion”  –This post details the challenges unique to CityGuru Investors/Shareholders.  For the New or Prospective Investor, it will alert you to measures you must take to protect your investment.  For Current or long term investors, it is a reminder that you now have a means to getting the answers you have long sought in your Drew Morrison-CityGuru, Inc investment.
  • Drew Morrison-CityGuru Asking for more Funding?”—Three Tips will answer this question for you, while greatly avoiding certain risks
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: GUEST BLOGGERS –Here is a chance to meet the “Management” side of CityGuru, and their prespectives in how your investment is being utilized as special guests such as Drew Morrison, Founder, Jim Billmaier, former CEO, T. Olin Nichols, former CFO and several of Morrison’s own “Advisors” have been invited to contribute their individual blog posts.  This is certain to stimulate some lively and eye-opening forums!
  • Rights for CityGuru Shareholders?”This explores what some CITYGURU Investors have have been told regarding their rights to information versus what is the truth.   You are more powerful than you think!
  • “6 Contracts/Agreements a CITYGURU Investor should NEVER execute.” –Slanted toward the New Investor, this post will identify six of the most common documents that the CityGuru Founder/company has imposed upon their investors.  In some cases: these are damning contracts that give the Company’s management a BIG loop hole to LOSE your investment funds!  After reading this post, you will know when it is time to put your money back into the bank and go home shortly after being asked to sign any one of these documents!
  • “The Mysterious BOARD of CityGuru, Inc.”Many of us have already encountered “The Board” yet we have no idea who they are, an identity so well guarded investors have been asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before revelation is made!
  • “Drew Morrison: The Face of CityGuru”This will examine what many in the Venture Capital industry have to say about risks to investors when their company is managed and governed by one person.  Little did we know when we posted this feature–just how damaging it is when your company–and investment–depends upon one person.
  • “Should CityGuru, Inc. Work with Charities?” –The answer may surprise you for Charity affiliation has cast suspicion on the company more than once. Here’s why.
  • “Peeking Under CityGuru’s Skirts–PART II” –The CITYGURU INVESTOR is obtaining access to the testimony of Founder, Drew Morrison, during his recent Summons to Deposition answering allegations brought against him in the Washington, King County Superior Court Case No. 13-2-03663-1 SEA .   This reveals little known  facts that should be of highest concern to all CityGuru Investors, and resulted in an ADVISORY ALERT published on this site, and more detail will be provided here as well as information is disseminated.   As a Current Investor, this might answer some of your long-pending questions. 
  • “What Does CityGuru, Inc. REALLY Do?”—Fully understanding what the company does will tell you a lot about what you’re really investing in. Learn from Institutional Investors why Good ideas are not a guarantee of Good business.
  • “Is CityGuru, Inc. really a Startup?” –Johnny is a freshman in high school.  Johnny is 21 years old.  Asking what Johnny has been doing for the last 4 years is an important question.  This takes a close look at what CityGuru, Inc. has been doing since its 2011 incorporation.
  • “Will the Founder’s Legal Woes Infect CityGuru, Inc.?” –The answer is now quite obvious from the time when investors first posed this question.  Not only does it now seem the company, CityGuru, Inc. seems in peril–but we can’t find the founder, Drew Morrison, who has seems has gone into hiding.
  • “Who Is Drew Morrison: An Expose” –Know your Leader; Know your Path.  This blog will take a close look at the person who founded and leads your investment in CityGuru, Inc.  Morrison will be invited to contribute.
  • “Six RISKS Every Drew Morrison-CityGuru Investor Should Be Aware Of”  –Clearly knowning your risks and what they can mean to your pocket book is the secret to successful investing.  This post reveals six risks that are very specific and very unique to investing your money in Drew Morrison-CityGuru.  Very helpful for new, prospective investors; a possible life-saver for current investors.
  • “GUEST BLOGGERS to the CITYGURU Investor”  –Invitations are being extended to founder, Drew Morrison, and his “Advisors” in an attempt to balance out the current Investor slant to include that of Founder/Management prespectives.  Of course, the Invitation to all Current and Prospective Investors remain open as we hope to stimulate an open and transparent dialogue between all concerned parties.  All contributions will be free of editing or censor and we ask only that all statements and comments made in posts be substantiate with documentation.  Please send your contributions or ideas for contributions to us via the  CONTACT US page of this site.


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