CITYGURU Investors are closing the Communication Gap between themselves and Founder, Drew Morrison and company, CityGuru, Inc.   A long standing frustration among investors has revolved around the scarcity of relevant and accurate information about their investment.  Many of them report the same thing:

  • Long periods of time in between news of the Company or their investment
  • No objective evidence of how their investment is performing: Profit or loss?
  • No clear idea of when they can reasonably expect a return on their investment
  • Vague explanations to their questions followed by even more vague promises with no substance
  • Conflicting information/comments being flowed to different investors
  • Selective flow of information to each investor; depending upon what Company Management deems “relevant” for them to know
  • Lack of confidence that they are being provided straight-forward and honest answers to their questions.

While it is true that projections, promises and visions for the future of the company are very important to investors, what investors really want to know is: “How is my investment doing now, and how will it do in the future?” This always follows with very predictable and very basic questions from all investors:

  • “Is my investment making money? How much?”
  • “When can I reasonably expect a return on my investment? How much?”
  • “Is my investment on track to performing as it was promised? If not, what is being done to get it back on track? When? Who?”
  • “What should I know about my investment that I may not know to ask?”
  • “Who’s in charge of my investment?”

These concerns are so basic that whether you are investing your funds into Microsoft or CityGuru, Inc.—you are likely to ask these questions…Repeatedly.

Yet, the Communication Gap continues to grow wider between the CityGuru Investor and the Company, CityGuru, Inc. as Management seems determined to focus only on rosy projections and promises of the future.

But now, this site has been created solely for the benefit of the Investor in CityGuru, Inc.; for the Investor and only the Investor. Whether you are now contemplating wiring your savings or IRA funds to Founder, Drew Morrison, or you just wired the funds recently or five years ago, you will find this site to truly be the CityGuru Investor’s Best Friend.

The mission of your New Best Friend is to ask the right questions—and not settle for anything but straight forward, relevant and honest answers. Your  Best Friend seeks to keep you informed and aware of every relevant aspect of your investment in this company called, CityGuru, Inc.
You can expect the CITYGURU Investor to:

  • Replace supposition/promise with factual and documented data
  • Clarify/define previously vague explanations to hard questions you may have posed to CityGuru, Inc. Management
  • Create a network of Investors in CityGuru, Inc. to promote an open and speedy flow of relevant information regarding their investments
  • Create an open forum for anyone who wishes to offer opposing facts or data (to include CityGuru, Inc. Management)
  • Hold the Company and its management accountable for straightforward, current, accurate and complete information regarding investments of each and every CityGuru investor.

While the Investor to Path Investments Group, On The Go Technologies all turned CityGuru, Inc. may have been neglected, you are not alone.   Since its  corporation in 2011, CityGuru Investors now truly have a  Best Friend!

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