Andrew Jang, founder of the Adriaen Black fashion design label is missing.  His shooting star has mysteriously vanished as quickly as it appeared in the professional sports fashion world.

The Adriaen Black website chronicled a carefully orchestrated media blitz and glitzy photos of the Who’s Who in the MLB, NBA and NFL world. The slanted focus was upon Andrew Jang himself, celebrity fashion designer to Pro-Ballers. Then, suddenly, all the press releases and celebrity photos disappeared from the website.

In its place was a single webpage displaying a time counter with days, hours, and minutes ticking down to when Andrew Jang and Adriaen Black would launch their “Fall and Rise” fashion collection.  No other information was offered but the curious title hinted that perhaps the label had fallen on troubled times and was staged to rise again. 

However, when the time counter ticked down to the last hour and minute, the website in its entirety vanished along with co-founders Andrew Jang and Travis L. Swanson.

While Travis Swanson was later traced to a former employer, quietly flying below the radar in a less glamorous corporate job, he refuses all interviews.  Andrew Jang still remains missing; with absolutely no hint of ever existing past 2019.

Even the Pro-Ballers whom Jang dressed and once mentored into the fashion business seem to remember little about him–much less know of his whereabouts or what became of him.  Nor does it seem anyone–except his investors–seem to really care.  Why?

As a self-proclaimed “Entreprenuer Extraordinaire” why would Andrew Jang abandon a business he claimed, to potential investors, had grown $10 million in over a year, and he later valued at $25 million?

How could Andrew Jang go from being the voice and face for Adriaen Black with endorsements from a professional athletic clientele and media attention from sources such as the Wall Street Journal—to no identity at all?  Why would he want to be dismissed, or worse: forgotten? 

Only time will tell if Andrew Jang and his Adriaen Black will be forgotten. But the mystery will remain:  What happened to Andrew W. Jang formerly known as Drew W. Morrison; the person who seemingly vanished into thin air? 

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IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME, Please contact:

  • Jang Has Left the Building,
  • If in Washington State, King County Sheriff Office, (206) 296-3311, reference: Andrew W. Morrison case file