Andrew Jang, founder of the Adriaen Black fashion design label is missing.  His shooting star has mysteriously vanished as quickly as it appeared in the professional sports fashion world.

The Adriaen Black website chronicled a carefully orchestrated media blitz and glitzy photos of the Who’s Who in the MLB, NBA and NFL world. The slanted […]

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Andrew Jang To Resurrect The Dead?

Can founders Andrew Jang and Travis Swanson bring Adriaen Black back from the dead?  According to their website, Jang will be performing this miracle in 2020 with his “Fall and Rise” Fashion Collection. 

Adriaen Black, the fashion label founded by Jang and Swanson was rumored to be on life support in late 2018 and then […]

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Rise and Fall of Adriaen Black

Where are Andrew Jang and Travis Swanson?
Adriaen Black, the fashion design label to Professional Athletes is no more. The company has gone as dark as has its founders Andrew Jang and Travis Swanson. Investors are concerned they are left in the lurch (again) as history seems to be repeating itself in the story of Andrew […]

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“Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends”–Beatles

"Where are his friends who are offering to help him and provide assistance?"

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New Advocate for Andrew Jang-Adriaen Black Investors

Much to our surprise, a new advocate has appeared on the
scene representing would-be investors in Andrew Jang and his company, Adriaen
Black.  Following their advice will keep
any “investment” with Andrew Jang legitimate and transparent; an investor would
be remiss NOT to review this website before opening her wallet to Jang.  


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Andrew Jang’s Side Of The Story

He was called a “Con Artist” by the Asian Weekly; a “Charity Scammer” by the Seattle KOMO News, and now Andrew Jang is being called “a Fugitive” by the Wall Street Journal.   With so much attention on his dubious business practices, it is inevitable the next media source will ask questions how has he […]

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Is an investment in Andrew Jang’s “Adriaen Black” a good investment?

Q:  I was offered an investment opportunity in Andrew Jang/Travis Swanson’ company, Vogue Individual, LLC, doing business under the Adriaen Black design label.  Is it a good investment?
Since this is your money, the operative question is:  “Is it a SAFE investment?” 
Only you can determine that but we can suggest the following “DO’s” and “DON’T’S”  in […]

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Andrew Jang: NFL’s “Best-in-Class”?

Andrew Jang: “Best In Class” business leader? Apparently the NFL thinks so and invited him to speak as a panelist for their 2018 NFL Pro Athlete Business Combine. Incredibly, he is now mentoring several Pro Ballers as interns to help them establish themselves in the fashion world much as he did with his fashion label, […]

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Andrew Jang Has Morphed Into a New Game

If you have known him for the last two (2) years, you know him as Andrew W. Jang. If longer than that you remember him as Andrew (Drew) Morrison….or maybe even as Andrew Bora or Anjou Jang.

His twisting trail over at least six states can leave you dizzy. A Google of former names such as […]

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The Real Andrew Jang

The Real Andrew Jang (PDF)

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