Can founders Andrew Jang and Travis Swanson bring Adriaen Black back from the dead?  According to their website, Jang will be performing this miracle in 2020 with his “Fall and Rise” Fashion Collection. 

Adriaen Black, the fashion label founded by Jang and Swanson was rumored to be on life support in late 2018 and then flatlined in early 2019 soon after Andrew Jang’s fugitive background was exposed by the Wall Street Journal.  Their Manhattan showroom–where so many NFL and NBA players crossed the transom–was shut down along with the company website.  And both founders disappeared from the fashion scene; neither leaving forwarding addresses.  

Andrew Jang: No forwarding address means no nosey investors or investigators

Will they answer questions such as why were they still raising capital for the company as late as March, 2019 when Adriaen Black seems to have already left for heavenly pastures? Hawking a promissory note for an un-disclosed amount—and a share of equity—Jang claimed his company was valued at $25 million.     

Did someone take the bait? When a new lawsuit filed by a Chicago investor in April, 2019 alleged fraud committed by Andrew Jang, Travis Swanson and their company, Vogue Individual, LLC an article in the CityGuru Investor suggested history might be repeating itself in reference to Jang’s dubious investment background in Seattle, Washington.       

After months of operating incognito, Jang and Swanson have now revived their Adriaen Black website with a surprising announcement of their return in 2020 with a “Fall and Rise Collection”.  The name of the fashion collection seems to be a play on words from the title of the CGI article: “The Rise and Fall of Adriaen Black”.    

Investors, creditors and investigators alike are curious to know:  Why, would Jang and Swanson expose themselves to so many questions by so many people and agencies?    

Is it coincidental that partner, Travis Swanson left no forwarding address?

Does Jang intend to “make it right” by all past investors and creditors as he has often promised to do? Even should he satisfy their claims against him, how does he plan to dissuade certain government agencies from enforcing liens and penalties they have levied against him? Even moreso, why would Jang and Swanson to raise the dead in front of so many witnesses who will surely be watching for any sleight of hand?

Will Jang and Swanson continue to tag-team prospective investors, or will they work on different variations of the business—perhaps under different names or entities?  On his LinkedIn page, Swanson conspicuously dropped the DBA moniker of “Adriaen Black” for that of the parent company, Vogue Individual LLC for whom he claims he represents as its business manager.  Since Adriaen Black was clearly the alter ego of Andrew Jang, does this mean the pair are going in opposite directions? 

Or, will Jang continue as the pitchman relying upon Swanson’s vital statistics to operate as the front man for the business?  There seems to be no history for 40-year-old Andrew Jang once he changed his birth name from Drew Morrison!  

Will Jang and Swanson continue operating in Illinois where Vogue Individual, LLC no longer is in good standing?  Or will they simply move operations to New York or even Florida where Vogue Individual LLC remains in good standing?  Or will Jang risk returning to Washington to attempt to rectify a bench warrant that still awaits him?  

Will Andrew Jang—again–change his name and identity for the sake of shedding the long shadows of names like Drew Morrison and Adriaen Black?     Will he again claim he keeps no residence because he travels frequently and lives in hotels?

How will the pair manage to resurrect and again infiltrate their former professional athlete market after some NFL teams distanced themselves from Jang following the Wall Street Journal expose?  Will they be able to resurrect the trust of new investors while batting away former, disgruntled investors?

Will 2020 be a year of miracle—or just another empty promise Andrew Jang makes to prospective investors?