“What are my CityGuru Shares Worth?”….“How is my money being used?”…“What are my risks?”... “Can I get my money back?”….“How long do I wait for a return on investment?”….. “Is CityGuru the right investment for me?”.... “How do I conduct Investor Due Diligence?”… “Are there other CityGuru Investors?”…“Who is CityGuru, Inc? Drew Morrison?”...

If you’re visiting this website, you are either contemplating investing your savings into Drew Morrison-CITYGURU or you have already invested that money.  As with any prudent investor you should be conducting your Due Diligence on both company and founder.

But, until now much of the facts pertinent to the question: “Is this investment right for me?” were buried or simply unavailable.  Because it has long been founder policy to keep little or no records, an investor often had to rely upon hearsay.

This website has been designed specifically for YOU, the Prospective or Current Drew Morrison-CityGuru, Inc. Investor/Shareholder.  Our CITYGURU Investor BLOG is your one-stop site for conducting your Investor’s Due Diligence.  Here, other CityGuru Investors and would-be investors openly share their own due diligence revealing a storehouse of substantiated information and experience.  Posts resulting from their individual contributions or suggested topics are scrutinized for being current, accurate and complete thus serving our intent to provide all CityGuru Investors/Shareholders  with their own Advocate and Champion.  

The best precaution against a partial or total loss in any investment is being a well-informed and prudent Investor.


To Empower the CITYGURU, Inc. Investor with Relevant Information to wisely decide:  “Is this investment in CityGuru, Inc. the right investment for ME?”


hottip — Watch for these Tips by other CITYGURU Investors who will share with you advice that is very specific and unique to investing in CityGuru-Drew Morrison.



Before you invest your hard-earned money, do what prudent Investors call “Due Diligence”, or research, on the business venture, company,  and people who will be using that money.  Not every business opportunity is the right opportunity for you.

Prospective and Present CityGuru Investors can save hours of time and expense in doing their Due Diligence by starting with research performed by others before you. This service is FREE of cost or obligation to you.

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