This site picks up the trail of where Andrew (Drew) Morrison, founder of CITYGURU, Inc. transistioned to Andrew Jang, founder of Vogue Individual, LLC, doing business under the Adriaen Black fashion label.  It is intended to provide you a depository of information that might not otherwise be available to you in doing your due diligence before investing, donating or loaning money to these business ventures.

The information herein is the culmination of numerous events and experiences of investors, charitable organizations, investigators and creditors who have gone before you. They tell their own stories here. This is not intended to give financial/investment advice–but rather–to encourage  you to ask questions of your own; pointed and probing questions that deserve intelligent and honest answers.

The best precaution against a partial or total loss in any investment or donation is being a well-informed and prudent Investor or Charity.

                                           MISSION STATEMENT:

To Empower the CITYGURU, INC. ADRIAEN BLACK  Investor with Relevant Information to wisely decide:  “Is this Investment or Donation in MY best interests?”

hottip — Watch for these Tips by other CITYGURU Investors who will share with you advice that is very specific and unique to investing or donating in CityGuru-Drew Morrison.   Adriaen Black-Andrew Jang.

Contributors are welcomed to submit with facts, experiences, documentation and tips.  Your contributions provide the transparency that keeps others honest.