If you have known him for the last two (2) years, you know him as Andrew W. Jang. If longer than that you remember him as Andrew (Drew) Morrison….or maybe even as Andrew Bora or Anjou Jang.

His twisting trail over at least six states can leave you dizzy. A Google of former names such as “Drew Morrison” or business ventures such as “Cityguru” will only leave you confused with even more questions.

In a “Fact stranger than Fiction” story, Andrew Jang has gone from a couch-surfing “Serial Entreprenuer” in Seattle, Washington to now upping his game with his latest Adriaen Black Fashion label in New York.  Forming yet another parent company, Vogue Individual, LLC, he filed a Form D securities offering with the SEC and then later changed his name from Drew Morrison to Andrew Jang. He now boasts of reaping over “$10 Million” as he moves like a celebrity through the ranks of professional athletes and elite charities.

Despite lingering critics, legal challenges and tax problems, Andrew Jang has–ironically– established himself somewhat of a respected businessman and mentor–even appearing at the 2018 NFL Pro Athlete Combine as a panelist for business leadership….taking on professional athletes interns to coach them in the ways of company start-ups and business leadership to prepare them for their after-sports careers!


So, just who is this enigma: Andrew Jang…aka by so many other names? Like so many others who are quick to become a part of Adriaen Black, you may have already, plan to, or will invest or join in Jang’s latest notoriety.

If so, a soon to be launched website: “Andrew Jang: the Face of Adriaen Black” is just for YOU.

In “Andrew Jang: the Face of Adriaen Black” you will learn of the stories of the people; the investors who know him best, news articles covering his “colorful” episodes with Charities and numerous business ventures, court filings and findings. If these issues have no interest for you, you will want to know how the cumulative of these experiences and events are likely to impact the Adriaen Black Fashion label.

More importantly, you will now know the man behind the name, Andrew Jang. This website is invaluable to investors, partners, creditors and associates; anyone who plans to become a part of the Adriaen Black label.

Email us as a subscriber and you will be the first to be notified upon launch. In the subject line please write: “Jang & Morrison”

P.S.  To “Sciob” (You know who you are):  Thank you for inside information proving that “Knowledge is Power”.  We hope to hear from you more often and to make your acquaintance.