Much to our surprise, a new advocate has appeared on the scene representing would-be investors in Andrew Jang and his company, Adriaen Black.  Following their advice will keep any “investment” with Andrew Jang legitimate and transparent; an investor would be remiss NOT to review this website before opening her wallet to Jang.  

INVESTING with ANDREW JANG-ADRIAEN BLACK offers a free one-stop method for even the most novice of investors, walking you through conducting easy due diligence using common sense—without a lot of time and expense.  Specifically spotlighting due diligence on Andrew Jang and his business ventures, it is a MUST-READ for any would-be Jang investor!  The method is as effective with other investment offerings as it is with Jang offerings.      

According to publishers, the site was inspired by a recent attempt by Andrew Jang to solicit a professional athlete client for a promissory note and chance for equity in his company, Adriaen Black.  Unaware the client was consulting with a certified financial advisor, the deal quickly fell apart when the advisor noted several “red flags”; flags that probably saved the player from losing an untold amount of money.  The Wall Street Journal quoted the Advisor as saying his client had “dodged a bullet”.  The mission of INVESTING with ANDREW JANG-ADRIAEN BLACK is to help would-be investors identify where the mines are laid in the investment field.    

Of particular interest is the site’s discussion on Charities and Non-Profits, offering prudent advice on avoiding situations where a third party is positioned in the money flow between the Donor and the Charity.  CityGuruInvestor has reported previous Charity blunders that could affect investors.   

 This site is just as relevant to any current investors in Andrew Jang-Adriaen Black, offering them a method of establishing transparency into both the company and its founders that was not likely available to them at the time of transference of funds.


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