Following the abrupt disappearance of Founder, Drew Morrison, CityGuru Investors are left wondering how so much money could be squandered; how so many investors deceived; and how can one live out of the pocket of others for so long without detection?

CityGuru investors/shareholders felt the first shock wave tearing through their ranks from a KOMO-TV News Story revealing their founder, Drew Morrison may have misappropriated their savings and IRA funds.

They felt the full concussion following the posting of “Drew Morrison: Where’s Waldo?” when it had become apparent that Drew Morrison had gone underground, rendering himself totally unavailable for comment or to address the pointed questions he knows his investors want to ask of him. Furthermore as a company (if ever it was a real company), CityGuru, Inc. has since ceased operations causing more anxiety for investors wondering what happened to their investment funds?

Speculation runs wild, particularly with those investors who were also led to believe they were shareholders of CityGuru, Inc. It now seems they have all been sold a soddy bill of goods as suggested in post “CityGuru: Do You Own Phantom Stock?”  What happened to Drew Morrison and his CityGuru, Inc. Is CityGuru, Inc. now defunct?  Has the fate of their investments fallen by the wayside just as it had in a previous Drew Morrison company, Path Investments Group, LLC when investors were to learn a year later after the fact the founder—and their investment funds—were gone?

In a search for answers a flurry of due diligence (albeit, long overdue) is occurring as investors/shareholders exchange research notes and information, pouring over Court and Public Records.  While this information does not  answer the questions only Drew Morrison can answer, it does reveal a pattern, or modus operandi, Drew Morrison has been employing for years to run his various “serial entrepreneurial” pursuits. The Public Records read like a Rap Sheet, and after viewing the growing list, one investor commented: “Obviously, he has been honing his pitch and ability to sell promises for a long time. His slight of hand in the shell game can make you dizzy trying to follow what is happening to your investment funds!” The Public Record speaks for itself.

A deeper question now lingers in the mind of CityGuru investors/shareholders: how can such a pattern of deceit and abuse go so long without consequence?  Perhaps the answer is: that for a decade of suffering no consequences for his actions, this has simply become a way of doing business for Drew Morrison. After all: if there are no consequences for your actions–then why not? Is Drew Morrison simply shrugging and echoing MAD’s Alfred E. Nueman’s words: “What, Me Worry?”

2005Chapter 13-BankruptcyBankruptcy Court, King County of Washington, Andrew W. Morrison$191,301, Bankruptcy Dismissed
2007Breach of Contract/Promissory NoteCase No. 07-2-2616-1 SEA, Superior Court, King County, Washington$53,027.93 Judgment for the Plaintiff
2009Unlawful DetainerCase No. 09-2-06294-3 SEA, Superior Court, King County, Washington$6,000 Judgment for the Plaintiff
2012Mechanic Lien; Liable for services renderedCase No. 124-04081, District Court, King County, Washington$1,992.89 Judgment for the Plaintiff
2013Breach of Contract/Promissory NoteCase No. 13-2-03663-1, Superior Court, King County, Washington$507,516 Summary Judgment for the Plaintiff
2013Breach of Contract/Unjust EnrichmentCase No. CV2013-055101, Superior Court, Maricopa County, Arizona$84,654 Judgment for Plaintiff
2014Failure to Report Income, keep financial records, “taking money under the table” Amended Case No. 13-2-03663-1, Paper 80, Superior Court, King County, WashingtonDeclaration by Andrew (Drew) W. Morrison
2014Contempt of Court; Failure to Comply with Court OrdersAmended Case No. 13-2-03663-1, Superior Court, King County, Washington$1,999.48 Judgment for Plaintiff
2014Contempt of Court; altering Court-ordered bank records and failure to show causeAmended Case No. 13-2-03663-1 SEA, Superior Court, King County, Washington$18,759.48 Judgment for Plaintiff
2015Delinquent Taxes due of CityGuru, Inc. File 4961870, Delaware Division of Corporations$111,919.00 Due
2015Plaintiff alleges possible Prejury of Deposition Testimony. Morrison Deposition for Amended Case No. 13-2-03663-1 SEA, Superior Court, King County, Washington Morrison testifies to identity of CityGuru Officer; Individual refutes Morrison’s claim. No Court Ruling.
2015Findings of Court including Fraud and MisrepresentationAmended Case No. 13-2-03663-1 SEA, Superior Court, King County$971,441.86 Judgment for Plaintiff
2015Findings of Court including Attorney FeesAmended Case No. 13-2-03663-1 SEA, Superior Court, King County$343,432.19 Judgment for Plaintiff


hottip[showhide type=”hottip2″ more_text=”- As a CityGuru Investor What Do You Do Next?” less_text=”- As a CityGuru Investor What Do You Do Next?”] Some investors think that intervention by a government or law enforcement agency—or the legal actions of other investors—will provide a remedy for their own loss due to stock or investment fraud. This is not the case. If you choose to take no action; then your missing funds are not likely to be forthcoming. Otherwise, you should seek legal advice regarding your individual circumstance. You should also seek tax advice, particularly if the affected funds were from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

This will not guarantee your investment funds will be returned, but taking no action does guarantee you will never see your funds again.

If you have information regarding the location, contact information and accomplices to Drew Morrison, please contact:
We will also be happy to assist you with referrals to legal, tax and business counsel upon request.



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