After another round of blatant defiance to Court Orders by Andrew (Drew) W. Morrison, the King County Superior Court responded with a warrant for his arrest. KOMO 4 News broke the story on the same day the arrest warrant was issued. Bail was set at $20,000, cash. The Court is not taking any chances with The Fugitive.

The arrest warrant was issued as part of a debtor’s exam as a result of Mr. Morrison failing to appear as ordered by the Court. The trial court previously entered findings of fraud, conversion, misrepresentation, criminal profiteering, breach of contract and violation of the Washington State Consumer Protection Act against Drew Morrison along with a judgment for well over a million dollars.


Dog-Kisser charmed hundreds of thousands of dollars from trusting investors and charities. Notice the admiring onlooker.



Drew Morrison is not available for comment and his whereabouts are unknown. His abrupt disappearances during previous jams, have often left his investors, creditors and investigating government agencies speculating that his dodge tactics were for the purpose of evading their process servers with Court Summons.   No doubt, such tactics are now being employed to avoid being taken into custody as Drew Morrison is sure to run the Court and Seattle’s Finest through their paces in trying to find him.



What, me worry?  Best dressed man in Seattle often sports the best whiskey and suits that investors’ money can buy.”




From Arizona to Washington, Drew Morrison continues to leave a long trail of addresses, returned mail and un-paid landlords.  His last known address is 3305 30th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126; the same address he reported to the Court.

The property belongs to Alan R. Peper, Jr. a/k/a A.J. Peper. Peper may be one of the people whom Drew Morrison indicated in his last testimony who provide him with gifts and a place to “couch surf”.    It is unknown if A.J. Peper was involved with, or assisted or advised, Drew Morrison with his operation of, Cityguru or his charity events.    

   AJ Peper with Weapon

Is A.J. Peper one of several people whom Drew Morrison claims to provide him with gifts and a place to couch surf?



Nor are his prior business associates or close friends providing leads on Drew Morrison’s whereabouts.   According to Drew Morrison’s deposition testimony, Jeff Coon and Michael Elliott served as Directors in Morrison’s now defunct Seattle company, CityGuru.   Jeff Coon refuses comment and Michael Elliott vehemently denies ever being an officer of Drew Morrison’s company. He offers no explanation why numerous payments were made to him according to CityGuru records. It is unknown if Elliott ever challenged Morrison on grounds of perjury for naming Elliott as a CityGuru Director while testifying under oath. Elliott contacted this website to complain about Drew Morrison’s statements under oath. Why he contacted this site, and not Drew Morrison, is an interesting question.

Jeff Coon 400 x 400


Jeff Coon, former advisor to Drew Morrison and his company, Cityguru, whom Morrison would later testify was one of two directors who served him at a time he was being questioned about the fate of his investors’ money.    





Despite Drew Morrison’s testimony under oath, Michael Elliott (left) denies ever being a Director of Morrison’s company though records show he received several Cityguru payments.  



The people providing Drew Morrison with support may be his parents, Leland E. and Sandra Morrison.   Residing in Davenport, Iowa it seems plausible they may be providing him safe haven while he is on the run from the law, creditors and investors. As Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, Leland Morrison should have the means and motive to support Drew Morrison.

Leland E. Morrison.image
Is Drew Morrison hiding in Davenport, Iowa in the home of his father, Leland “Lee” Morrison?  



It is possible Drew Morrison remains in Seattle working under known aliases such as “Andrew Mora” or “Andrew Jang” while perhaps quietly operating a new “get rich quick” business venture revolving around food, fashion, entertainment—as well as charities and non-profits. While he maintains a Washington driver’s license, he is likely to be operating a borrowed vehicle. A note of the year, make and license plates will greatly assist the enforcement of his warrant of arrest.

If you know of Drew Morrison’s whereabouts or have information regarding his movements and activities, please contact:

Civil Process Unit
King County Courthouse, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206)263-2600


You may also contact Jon Humbert at KOMO 4 NEWS Investigators: 206.404.4444

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