After months of pursuing their founder, Drew Morrison—and their money– CityGuru investors and creditors have finally found him. He has been summoned to the Superior Court of King County, Seattle for questioning regarding what he did with investors’ funds—as well as to determine if he may have converted these funds into a new business venture dubbed the Men’s Suit Club he formed while incognito.

On March 31, 2016, Andrew (Drew) W. Morrison has been served in due process and summoned to appear in court for a Supplemental Exam which will allow judgment creditors to question him about his business practices, records and his investor funds.  While under sworn oath, Drew Morrison will be obligated to answer the many questions he left investors, shareholders, creditors and even investigating government agencies after abruptly abandoning his Seattle company, CityGuru, Inc.   Because this presents a rare opportunity to pin Drew Morrison down to answers, the Plaintiffs have extended an open invitation to all interested parties to attend or to submit their own questions for the exam.

Investigators will certainly want to learn more about what Drew Morrison did with the balance of his investors’ money, but in light of the recent discovery of his Suit Club venture, particular interest will be in determining if Drew Morrison has set up yet another pseudo-business venture intended to operate similarly to that of CityGuru and past ventures whereas he managed to raise–and spend–hundreds of thousands of investor dollars and taxable revenue without any record of accounting or fiscal responsibility.  Drew Morrison has often testified that it is not his business practice to keep records or accounting.  He will be given the opportunity to explain his purposes in working undercover as well as the legitimacy of new business venture given his past business track record.

Of particular interest during the exam will be the Morrison/Suit Club plans to host an event on April 21, 2016 to recruit memberships.  Ironically, the name of the event will be “Reveal Yourself in a Suit”!  The event has some investigators wondering if Drew Morrison is not simply following the same fund-raising patterns he did with his CityGuru events which raised questions over the ethics and legality of his collection of revenue from the public, charities, taxes, and investors. Particular concerns are to prevent history repeating itself with Morrison’s ill-fated Ferraris and Fashion event.

How he answers the government’s concerns for these matters during the exam will certainly provide answers Drew Morrison has until now denied to all acting in apparent  “obscene stubbornness”.

For investors, creditors, shareholders or others having stake in any of Drew Morrison’s previous business ventures such as Path Investments Group, LLC, On The Go Technologies, CityGuru, Inc. or The Men’s Suit Club, you are invited to contact us directly for details and points of contact that will certainly be to your benefit.  Using the Subject Line of “Morrison’s Exam” please email us at:

The last known address for Drew Morrison was the one he was operating his Suit Club from, as well as the same address where he was served.  Since that time all mail to him at that address has been returned as non-deliverable.  He is known to presently be found at:

Andrew (Drew) W. Morrison

c/o Men’s Suit Club

600 1st Avenue, Suite 501

Seattle, Washington 98104


NEXT:  Drew Morrison’s examination will be recorded as a testimony of public record.  With this access, we will take a closer look at the many questions pertinent to us all—and particularly Drew’s answers to those questions.