To some of the National Basketball Association’s most promising upcoming players, Andrew Jang is the dude who suits them up with bespoke designer clothes for their off-court publicity appearances. To a group of Seattle investors and others from different states, Andrew “Jang” is an alias for Drew Morrison, the man who left creditors, charities and investors high and dry when he disappeared from Seattle

Leaving Seattle in early 2016, Drew Morrison a.k.a. Andrew Jang, fled a civil bench warrant issued for his arrest.  In the underlying civil case, after Mr. Morrison repeatedly refused to comply with Court Orders and  altered bank records he produced in response to discovery, the King County Superior Court entered a Judgment and Findings of Fact including investment fraud and criminal profiteering.

We learned that  Mr. Morrison moved to Chicago and assumed a new identity.  True to form, Mr. Morrison, a/k/a Jang, has formed a new company and a new investment opportunity.  The latest company he has formed is Vogue Individual, LLC.,  using the branded designer name of Adriaen Black.  Adriean Black has expanded from Chicago to New York. The business/investment plan offers custom clothing and targets the “one percent” of the elite income bracket in the United States: professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB.

A self proclaimed “made to measure designer” Andrew Jang/Drew Morrison claims to have worked with over 20 professional teams including a roster of pros such as Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin and Tyler Zeller, Philadelphia 76er’s Trevor Booker and Joel Embiid, Los Angeles Rams’ Todd Gurley and Boston Red Sox’ Mookie Betts.  Jang/Morrison has stated he is targeting 35 teams by the end of the league’s current season.

 Mr. Morrison/Jang  is again raising funds  and seeking investors. Jang/Morrison has filed an offerings with the Securities and Exchange Commission seeking investment funds of $500,000 for his Adriean Black designer name.   The offering was filed with the SEC under his assumed name of Andrew Jang.  This latest offering is eerily similar to his SEC security offering in Seattle for Cityguru.  It has yet to be verified if the SEC has been advised the offering was made under an assumed name.

The SEC offering also includes a fellow officer/promoter, Travis Swanson.  To what extent Swanson may be involved in Jang’s business is unknown.  If Mr. Swanson is aware of Mr. Morrison’s legal name and the use of an alias with a Federal SEC filing, it may become a problem for Mr. Swanson

Morrison/Jang continues to work the charity angle to promote his new venture while attempting to portray a more favorable image.   Mr. Morrison’s  charity “work” in Seattle became the subject of several investigative reports by a local television station  

In the Seattle Court proceeding, Mr. Morrison admitted that he has not paid taxes since 2007 and that he does not keep financial/accounting records.  It appears that the sports stars with whom Mr. Morrison/Jang is doing business, and his investors, have not uncovered Mr. Morrison’s past.  The “recreated” Andrew Morrison now known as Andrew Jang, is an important lesson in conducting due diligence before making any investments.