In his newest gig, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Drew Morrison, uses his personal hard-luck story to call attention that he is now taking “donations”. Will the crocodile tears lure the prey closer to the water’s edge?

Describing himself as a “Former Lost Soul” Drew Morrison seems to be going for the heart strings as he primes the reader on his latest venture SUIT SUPPORT. We want to venture closer to the water’s edge as he continues.  (See UPDATE Below).

“Then one day,” he laments, “I lost everything.  I was homeless, jobless and people I thought were my friends were suddenly throwing stones at me.”   “Then one day,” he laments, “I lost everything. I was homeless, jobless and people I thought were my friends were suddenly throwing stones at me.”   Is Drew Morrison regretting his spiral downward from Entrepreneur Extraordinaire to Couch Surfer, carrying his company and investors into the Tar pit with him?

We are intrigued. Why would anyone would want to “throw stones” at this charming, benevolent little man?   We step closer to the water’s edge.

But with the first sniff test, we are reminded of Drew Morrison’s own Rap Sheet. Instinctively, we check our advance.

But Drew Morrison explains how he plans to parlay his love of men’s fashion and deal-making into his own “personal cause to do better” by helping low income men, women and college grads get into the workforce through professional styling and tailoring.

Should one continue to doubt he may have his heart in the right place, Drew Morrison quickly points out his own accolades–such as having “raised thousands for Charities”.   Oddly, this seems almost an admission to allegations by several Seattle Charities how he used their namesake and brands to increase ticket sales and event attendance for his now defunct company, CityGuru—money these charities never received.

Appealing to our softer side, Drew Morrison goes onto pitch his Suit Support: “This isn’t a foundation or a company; just my personal cause….everything is donated”.   Heck, the Do-Gooder even invites us all to lend him a helping hand. “If you want to tailor, style or help volunteer fill out the form below” invites Morrison. “I can use the help”.

Perhaps we have judged Drew Morrison a bit harshly. But, then, many of us have been mauled by Crocs with weepy eyes before and we can’t resist asking a few pointed questions of Drew Morrison’s real intent here.

While Drew Morrison claims his gig is “not a foundation or a company”….he IS soliciting “donations”.  Does this signal that Drew Morrison is “back in business” just as it was predicted he would be in his Investor Score Card? We hear the distant echo of the Terminator’s infamous line: “I’ll be back!”

Drew Morrison’s new mission is to help folks to dress for entering the workforce, but we must ask if any of these “donations” will be used to help to restore Drew Morrison’s own lifestyle or damaged reputation?  After all, record keeping is not a practice he uses in business, be it for profit or non-profit.

If so, is he not concerned that he might—again—attract the attention of the same government agencies who previously investigated his rather… dubious…business practices?

And speaking of lifestyle….we can’t but wonder if Drew Morrison is “donating” pieces of his own haute-fashion suits and tuxedoes to his own cause? After all, he was arguably once one of the best dressed men in Seattle; dressed in his finest by his own investors. Surely he has no use for these fashions now that he seems to be on skid-row as he claims.

But, this is about human charity.   Regardless of his intentions, we must applaud Drew Morrison for his attention to helping low income men, women and college grads in their search for gainful employment.

Rather than attempt to “style” these folks in an image that would only reflect Drew Morrison’s own image and tastes, we would suggest he can serve them better if he focused on helping them to locate and land gainful employment. After all, find the Job—and the Suit will follow. With his talent as pitchman, Drew Morrison might excel in an honest job such as employment recruiter and career coach while helping countless numbers of people!

Finally, we wish to remind one and all that there is no need to venture to the water’s edge if you are in the least bit cautious. You do not need a “broker” to go between you and the Charity of your choice. There are numerous (and registered) charities and non-profits that are worthy of your donations in service, funds or assets.

For starters, may we recommend a few Charities/Non-Profits whom are reputable and can ensure you that your donations will go to work immediately for the intended recipients? We are sure even Drew Morrison would give his nod of approval. Please consider:

Within days after this article “Drew Morrison: Crocodile Tears” was published, Morrison’s website**) was deactivated. Reason for the closing of the website is not known. Previous Morrison websites have also been deactivated by their creator shortly after the publishing of a related The CityGuru Investor stories. Such was the case of designed to collect donations using the namesake of a reputable Charity. Like it was shut down shortly after it was revealed the intended Charity did not sanction the website or the soliciting of donations in its namesake--nor did it receive any donations that were collected on the website.

Readers are cautioned to offer donations of gifts, possessions, servicer—and particularly cash—Only to Charities & Nonprofits registered as 501(C) organizations as recognized by the IRS tax code.

(**)Screenshots of the website are available upon request,



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