The Fall Of CityGuru

Drew Morrison Exposed

July 2016

Drew Morrison: Crocodile Tears?

By |July 5th, 2016|

In his newest gig, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Drew Morrison, uses his personal hard-luck story to call attention that he is now taking “donations”. Will the crocodile tears lure the prey closer to the water’s edge?

Describing himself as a “Former Lost Soul” Drew Morrison seems to be going for the heart strings as he primes the reader on […]

February 2016

SCORE: Drew Morrison-1…Investors-0

By |February 5th, 2016|

First, came the demise of the company under questionable circumstances.  Then, its founder Drew Morrison quickly slipped into a “Whereabouts Unknown” status with no explanation to what happened to the money.  Drew Morrison’s Shareholders/investors can now only wonder: what’s next?
Season of the Investor
Ironically, in the wake of CityGuru’s demise and founder Drew Morrison’s fading from […]

December 2015

Drew Morrison: Going Down In Flames and Double-Speak

By |December 8th, 2015|

CityGuru founder, Drew Morrison has finally surfaced from reclusion, ending weeks of speculation from shareholders left in the dark.   In a surprise move, he granted a televised interview to KOMO 4 News, Seattle, finally revealing what shareholders suspected all along:  CityGuru, Inc. is floating belly up.

The interview provided little information regarding what happens next […]

November 2015

CityGuru: Death by Self Inflicted Wounds

By |November 24th, 2015|

The obituary of CityGuru, Inc. will show the cause of death as multiple wounds self-inflicted by its own Founder, Drew Morrison.   From its mercurial rise as Path Investments Group, LLC in 2009 to it spiraling downward in flame as CityGuru, Inc. in 2015, Drew Morrison leaves behind a legacy of countless broken investors and a […]

September 2015

CityGuru Tar Pit?

By |September 17th, 2015|

Is CityGuru, Inc. caught in a tar pit of its own making?  Is rescue on the way—or the saber-tooth tigers?  Founder, Drew Morrison isn’t saying.

Following a rebuttal in the RipOff Report  we learned that a new Judgment has just been awarded against CityGuru Founder, Drew Morrison.   After obtaining public records for the Superior Court […]

June 2015

Drew Morrison’s Charity Blunders

By |June 17th, 2015|

Drew Morrison-CityGuru is ripping off Charities? Exploiting Non-Profit brand names to promote CityGuru For-profit events? Hardly the type of press any CityGuru Shareholder wants to hear, and that is the purpose of this post: to call attention to reconsidering how CityGuru teams with Charities or Non-Profit organizations to circumvent any appearance of indiscretion.

The practice of […]