The Early Days

The Bait And Switch Game Starts

August 2015

CityGuru: 6 Bad Ideas for Investors

By |August 8th, 2015|

The irony of investing in Drew Morrison-CityGuru is there is no transparency of fiscal accountability for investors—yet Investors have been subjected to unnecessary and even damning contractual documentation!

We surveyed Drew Morrison-CityGuru Investors/Shareholders for their experiences with certain contractual documents they have been asked to execute before investing in Drew Morrison-CityGuru.  For many of them, these […]

June 2015

Face of CityGuru: Drew Morrison

By |June 26th, 2015|

CityGuru, Inc. IS Drew Morrison, founder.  As the “Face” and mouthpiece for CityGuru, the company brand–and your investment–is hinged upon how he manages his own reputation.  That reputation should be of the utmost concern to the CityGuru Investor-shareholder.

In the world of corporate advertising it is often advantageous to have a person who is to represent the […]