CityGuru Tar Pit?

Is CityGuru, Inc. caught in a tar pit of its own making?  Is rescue on the way—or the saber-tooth tigers?  Founder, Drew Morrison isn’t saying.

Following a rebuttal in the RipOff Report  we learned that a new Judgment has just been awarded against CityGuru Founder, Drew Morrison.   After obtaining public records for the Superior Court […]

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Drew Morrison’s Phantom Stocks

Founder Drew Morrison sold you shares in CityGuru, Inc in return for your investment funds? He has testified that he keeps no records; has no roster of investors who bought shares; how many or at what value.  In fact: there are no stock certificates.  The problem for you, now, you may be stuck with something […]

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CityGuru: 6 Bad Ideas for Investors

The irony of investing in Drew Morrison-CityGuru is there is no transparency of fiscal accountability for investors—yet Investors have been subjected to unnecessary and even damning contractual documentation!

We surveyed Drew Morrison-CityGuru Investors/Shareholders for their experiences with certain contractual documents they have been asked to execute before investing in Drew Morrison-CityGuru.  For many of them, these […]

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CityGuru Annual Report

Dear CityGuru Shareholders:

It has been five years of silence and little transparency into the performance of your investment funds for CityGuru, Inc.   According to Delaware Division of Corporations,  the last Annual Report was published in 2013 yet it was never distributed to Shareholders.

To assuage growing Shareholders’ concerns over the status of their investments, CityGuru founder, Drew […]

Drew Morrison Getting A Bum Rap?

CityGuru under attack?  Founder Drew Morrison’s reputation at stake?  2015 has certainly been a year to make shareholders flinch as new information continues bubbling to the surface.

Most of this information has been there all along; it is only now that anyone knew to inspect it closer.  This is the nature of conducting an investor’s research, […]

CityGuru: Who needs Accounting?

Who needs accounting?  Or financial reporting?  Drew Morrison-CityGuru, Inc. has been scrapping by for almost five years without either.  But, if you’re a CityGuru Investor or Shareholder, this can seem like sailing across stormy seas without a captain, compass or charts!

Founder Drew Morrison contends CityGuru is not operated all that differently from any other Startup […]

Face of CityGuru: Drew Morrison

CityGuru, Inc. IS Drew Morrison, founder.  As the “Face” and mouthpiece for CityGuru, the company brand–and your investment–is hinged upon how he manages his own reputation.  That reputation should be of the utmost concern to the CityGuru Investor-shareholder.

In the world of corporate advertising it is often advantageous to have a person who is to represent the […]

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Drew Morrison’s Charity Blunders

Drew Morrison-CityGuru is ripping off Charities? Exploiting Non-Profit brand names to promote CityGuru For-profit events? Hardly the type of press any CityGuru Shareholder wants to hear, and that is the purpose of this post: to call attention to reconsidering how CityGuru teams with Charities or Non-Profit organizations to circumvent any appearance of indiscretion.

The practice of […]

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Did you wire money to Drew Morrison in return for shares in CityGuru, Inc.?  If you were led to believe you’re a CityGuru Shareholder please consider this Investor Advisory carefully:  all CityGuru Shareholders should carefully examine any and all documentation that entitles them to stock ownership.

CityGuru Shareholders are […]

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Is CityGuru Really a Startup?

Is CityGuru really a “Startup”–or an excuse for empty promises to investors?  That may depend upon whether or not CityGuru, Inc is really a startup as claimed by founder, Drew Morrison.

Why should a Drew Morrison-CityGuru investor or prospective investor know if CityGuru, Inc. is truly a “Startup” enterprise? For purposes of conducting your Due Diligence, the status […]

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